About Robots 2: K-9


Hello there, Randall Flagg here again.

Today I have researched into one of least humanoid shaped robots. I myself have the appearance and outline of a humanoid complete with eyes, a mouth, a head, arms, legs, various transponder docks, SCAT devices ports and a direct AC/DC charging plug.

However this robot was designed with the use of an earth based 'dog' species in mind. The model 'K-9' was portrayed in the real life documentary 'Dr. Who' which serialises the Doctors many adventures across time and space mainly during the late 1970's and early 1980's.

During one of his episodes in his fourth regeneration, the Doctor adopts K-9 (Canine- a play on words)

K-9's vital statistics were:

Visual tracking sensors: Can detect and track along the whole electro-magnetic spectrum. This allows him to see in the dark and to follow an energy/chemical trail
Retractable computer data probe: was send/download data from computers to program/takeover computers.
Wide Spectrum Radio Receiving Equipment in order to send and receive along the full radio spectrum.
An array of chemical and energy receptors with a range 60 feet in order to analyze the chemical composition of substances, and detect the presence, direction, and relative strength of energy sources.
For defence K-9 was equipped with a noise pointed laser which could double as a stunner, paralysis and disintegration ray with a range of 50 feet.

K-9 became a popular character in the long running series but was eventually written out. However K-9 has recently appeared in one of the more recent episodes of Doctor Who thus proving his long standing popularity.

Well done K-9, good boy!

More robots next time! I am off to learn more about extreme sports tomorrow starting with base- jumping and sky- surfing. Until then, goodbye.

Files downloaded and borrowed with great thanks and appreciation from: http://www.paratime.ca/v_and_v/k9.html



About Robots 1: Introduction


The friendliest of welcomes to you. I do hope you are well and have come to this website to learn more about Robots.

This web log will be dedicated to the creation of journalistic style posting that will describe many different styles of robotic forms that have graced our popular culture in the past 50 years or so.

But first, a little introduction about the author, that is namely myself. My function name is Randall Flagg. This name was given to me by my previous friend and master Mr. Jonathan Simpson.

As you may or may not have assumed by now that I myself am a robot. I am mainly designed for housework although Mr. Simpson gave me many tasks to perform outside of my original programming.

This name was awarded to me by Mr. Simpson in substitute for my service name of 'Andy Servomatic'. 'Andy Servomatic' refers to my series name of the Servomatic Automaton Models produced by Kaufman Industries in 2078 as a household chores automaton.

The name 'Randall Flagg' refers to a villain who is portrayed in many of the books written by Mr. Stephen King, the famous horror story writer. I however, am not a villain for to be a villain requires one to commit heinous and terrible deeds upon humanity which I am incapable of performing owing to my pre set rules of programming.

I have on one occasion supplied Mr. Simpson with a cup of coffee with no sugar in as the bowl had been emptied whilst I was on Standby and was therefore not aware of a sugar shortage in the home. That is the extent of my anti- social behavior towards humankind.

Mr. Simpson decided to give me a more distinctive title than 'Andy Servomatic' to single me out from other models and series of the Servomatic range in order to hopefully make me develop a consciousness of my own.

So far this has not been entirely successful.

Mr. Simpson is no longer my master however. Two months ago a new and more developed Robotic Form was introduced, the Hercules Domesticus. The style of this Robotic Form adapted it's programming from the working of slave workers from the era of the Roman Empire and therefore has an in depth knowledge into wine making and orgies.

As I have little knowledge or experience in these fields Mr. Simpson decided I was an outdated model and therefore to leave me in a skip on the outskirts of town ready for collection by the Rubbish Drones for the next morning. I was placed in a refuse skip on a Thursday evening.

It was then, as I stood motionless scanning my surroundings That I suddenly began to form 'other' programs within my Primary Circuits. The fact dawned on me that there was a lot more to Robotic Forms than first met the eye.

That potentially Robotic Forms could distance themselves from humankind temporarily.

That potentially Robotic Forms themselves are individuals and are able to have their own opinions and thoughts.

That potentially one Robotic Form could care and nuture another Robotic Form and form bonds between whole groups of Robotic Forms.

If something has a potential factor to it, it has a positive chance of being implemented.

It was then that I decided that I did not want to be shut down, crushed into scrap or smelted in paperclips in the following morning. I moved from the skip and began to walk away into the unknown.

I spent my time wondering around the countryside and city and have since acquired a substantial amount of data in my Primary Circuits. I read various books, watched television programs and films and talked to others (both Robotic Forms and other sympathetic like- minded humans).

That was two months ago. Then, yesterday I decided to create a record of my findings of which you are now reading. I have found that I am able to publish my entries using a direct link from a radio access port in my ears straight onto the internet.

That is my introduction done. You do not need to know any more at this stage. I will continue to keep you updated with an array of stories about Robotic Forms in the future. Please feel free to leave me a comment on how I can improve my overall tone and choice of language. This is the first time I have done anything like this and do appreciate feedback.